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Hateso - Ethiopia - Catalyst Coffee Trade

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The Guji Zone of Southern Ethiopia pushes up against the lush zones of Sidama and West Arsi to the north, to the Bale Zone in the east, and to the famous Gedeo Zone to the West. Given their closeness, Guji and Gedeo Zones share many crossover characteristics in coffee processing and production, resulting in similar bright, sparkly coffees with fruit and floral notes.
Rather than being grown on single-producer estates (not often found in Ethiopia), coffee in the Guji Zone is almost always purchased by agents at washing stations from nearby farmers who pick from their backyards, where coffee flourishes wild as a cash crop among others such as mangos and bananas. Washing stations often pay a premium to the producer for selling ripe cherries only.
Because production is on a smaller scale, producers often do not hire a mix of transient and year-round workers to pick cherries, but instead, they pick their own crops, aided by family members.