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Panama Geisha Static Cherry

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Geisha is often looked at as the crown jewel of exotic coffee varieties in the Specialty Coffee World. Though its genetics hail from the misty mountains of Ethiopia, it has only recently taken the world by storm. In 2004, a farm in Panama introduced the world to Geisha and consequently won the prestigious Best of Panama competition and the rest is history. Often filled with delicate floral and juicy tropical fruit notes, Geisha tastes like no other coffee you will experience. Geisha is one of the hardest coffee varieties to cultivate, it needs constant attention and perfect conditions, which only add to its rare qualities and high value. We at Futura Coffee Roasters are extremely excited to share this truly beautiful coffee with you in this edition of our Special Reserve.

This particular coffee is grown by the coffee producer, Larry Kennedy, in the highlands of Boquete, Panama. He collaborated with the Creativa Coffee District team, our sibling coffee company in Panama, to bring us this special release of Geisha from his small, 7.5 acres farm. Only 1 hectare of Larry’s farm is actually planted with coffee, numbering about 2500 coffee plants in all, split between Catuai and Geisha varieties. As you can imagine, his total yield is incredibly small, and we are very privileged to be able to showcase his hard work and dedication.

Please join us as we celebrate this limited release and savor this coffee’s incredible story!