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Jorge Lopez-Colombia-Delagua Coffee Paradise

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Jorge Lopez is a coffee producer from the northern mountains of Colombia called the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This area is truly unique, cooled by the ocean air of the Caribbean Sea and extreme mountainous terrain, coffee production is an important part of life for small scale farmers like Jorge and his family. Owning a coffee farm has been a lifelong dream of Jorge’s and when he was finally able to acquire Finca Miramar, he quickly began overseeing all aspects of the farm meticulously as evidenced in the quality we can taste. 

Soil conservation is extremely important to Jorge and he is very careful to use minimal chemical inputs and he also places an emphasis on water conservation as well, which makes the farm a natural fit with Delagua Coffee Paradise, our partners in this area of Colombia.  Of course, his work on the farm has its inherent challenges: dealing with more and more unpredictable rains due to climate change has not only impacted the harvest season, but its effects on transportation and roads has also created more hardships due to how remote this area truly is.  Jorge’s dedication to his farm and his resiliency continue to shine through, despite these challenges, and we are so excited for you to experience the fruit of his hard work.