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Zambia - Kateshi Estate

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It is not very often that a coffee from the African nation of Zambia is available for our enjoyment. We at Futura are so excited to share this coffee with you! Kateshi Estate was founded in 1972, it is one of the first coffee growing estates in Zambia and quickly established itself as the hub for coffee processing and production in the northern region of the country. Kateshi Estate is also known for its strong commitment to quality, winning numerous in-country awards. We are also proud to serve Kateshi Estate coffee because of their commitment to the surrounding community. The estate provides access to safe drinking water for over 20,000 people in the local village. They also support a local school that serves 1,500+ school children with primary and secondary education. Also, the only health clinic for 30 km is on site, providing much needed basic healthcare for 1000’s of people in the surrounding community. This coffee is an Anaerobic Natural, giving a distinct tropical fruit forward taste profile. Coffees that are processed Anaerobically, have little to no oxygen interaction and are placed in sealed fermentation tanks. We hope you love this coffee and the unique opportunity to experience the emerging coffee origin of Zambia!