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Jefferson Navarro-Colombia - Delagua Coffee Paradise

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Jefferson Navarro grows his coffee in the lush forest of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Though he is still in his early 20’s, he has been surrounded by coffee and has worked alongside his family in the industry his whole life. He received his farm, named La Bendición, as an inheritance from his father, and he does everything from harvesting to cultivation on the small but mighty, 1 hectare plot. Fortunately, his extended family resides nearby to assist with harvesting and processing coffee at times as he is still single and does not have his own family to help. Eventually, as his business grows, he will hire people in the local area to help with the harvest and managing the farm. Jefferson partnered with the Delagua Coffee Paradise project to ensure that he receives fair prices for his incredible coffee and because of the local impact this project has on the area. Interestingly, because the Sierra Nevada is in such a remote area for farming and coffee production, many pesticide and fertilizer companies do not sell their products in the area, which lends itself to ensuring many coffee producers use organic and sustainable methods of farming. For Jefferson, this means there is no fungicide application and manual weeding is always performed throughout the year. They also develop their own fertilizers using compost that is constructed from the pulp of coffee they process, other organic materials and of course, worms! We hope that you enjoy this very limited release from our Delagua Coffee Paradise in the northern highlands of Colombia. It is truly special to be able to drink this coffee from a young man who is giving his all to his farm and the results show in the vibrant flavors you will experience with each sip.