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Bioinnovation Sidra - La Palma & El Tucan

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To really understand this coffee, we have to look to La Palma y El Tucan, a coffee farm found deep in the tropical mountains of Colombia that is also owned by two of Futura’s co-founders, Felipe and Elisa. They purchased the farm in 2011 and began planting many exotic varieties of coffee, alongside traditional varieties as well. Producing top quality coffee with no compromise has always been a pillar of the farm while also leading the charge in developing groundbreaking and innovative coffee fermentation projects. The farm is also practicing regenerative agriculture and is a case study in biodiversity and sustainability.
Sidra has always been a bit of an underdog, especially in a specialty coffee market that idolizes and deifies the Gesha variety. It is a fairly new hybrid of the Typica and Bourbon varieties that popped up in Ecuador, surprising many with its attributes while its direct roots are still shrouded in mystery and folklore. The Typica variety is well known for its brightness and acidity, while Bourbon is cherished for its sweetness and body, a perfect combination to create a standout coffee. The team started with nearly 1800 Sidra plants in 2012 and after outstanding results, they ended up planting 4300 more by 2015.

As mentioned before, La Palma is known not only for its high standards of growing coffee, but they are also famous for their processing and fermentation practices. This coffee in particular was processed using the Bio-Innovation method that was developed in house by the team at La Palma. In short, Bio-Innovation was developed by taking samples of different microorganisms around the farm and determining through lab tests which strains would work well when paired with coffees that were grown in differing terroirs or lots. Once the perfect microorganism is found, they then create a fermentation substrate which is added to the holding tank that the coffee is then fermented in. Fermentation is always a key step in processing coffee and its success can often determine the final raw product's quality and flavor.

From its genetic history and meticulous, quality focused production to utilizing innovative and experimental processing, this coffee has all the ingredients of a truly exceptional coffee. This is evidenced by  La Palma Y El Tucan’s Sidra winning numerous competitive awards as well as being the chosen coffee for the 2019 World Barista Champion, Jooyeon Jeon. We hope that while you savor this coffee, you will remember the incredible story of this coffee and each step it has taken to find you.