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Efrain Barrera - Colombia - LP&T


Efrain Barrera is a multi-generational coffee farmer from the Cundinamarca region of Colombia. His farm, San Isidro, sits at an elevation of 1650 MASL, or about 5500 feet in elevation. He was inspired by his parents to continue in the family business and passion of growing coffee, and his children have been inspired by him as well. The farm is planted with a large portion of the Castillo variety of coffee and complemented by Colombia and Tabi as well. San Isidro is a part of La Palma y El Tucan’s Neighbors & Crops program, a project started by Futura’s co-founders, Felipe and Elisa. Efrain’s coffee was processed using the Bio-Innovation washed method, which is a unique process whereby the coffee is fermented using microorganisms that were found and propagated in the terroir of the farm.