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Fray cardoso - Delagua Coffee

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Fray cardoso - Delagua Coffee

Fray cardoso - Delagua Coffee

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Out Of Stock

A single Castillo varietal from Fray Cardoso's farm in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta region of Colombia.

Fray David Cardoso Vasco is 42 years old and has had his 5-hectare farm for 20 years. 2.5 hectares are planted with 13,000 Castillo coffee trees. Coffee is a way to a sustainable income for Fray, and the 5 people he employs year-round. He doesn’t use any chemicals, and all maintenance is performed by hand. Community is very important to Fray, so he makes sure to participate in community meetings and clean-ups.


The Natural Process begins with a pre-fermentation stage of 24 hours at the receival station. From here, the cherries will be moved to the drying stage; coffee will be placed in African-style raised beds for over 25 days and will be racked and rotated every 4 hours. Due to the levels of sugar and moisture, the first days will be crucial to avoid microbial activity prolongation. Finally, parchment coffee will pass through our dry milling and hand sorting stage.

DelAgua Coffee originates from the mountainous region of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Water conservation is a key aspect of the company's mission, and they strive to minimize water usage in their coffee production process. The company operates using a community-based model and encourages their team and local coffee growers to act as stewards of biodiversity.  


SANTA MARTA, COLOMBIA - Delagua coffee paradise






1841 masl


We invite you to INSPIRE and be Mindful. Notes of dark cherry, maple syrup and cacao nibs.