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Ethiopia - Bekele Belaychew

Ethiopia - Bekele Belaychew

Ethiopia - Bekele Belaychew

Heirloom varieties from Basha Gansamo farm in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia.

Bekele Belaychew is a hard-working coffee producer with three different farm sites in the Bensa district of the Sidama zone. This lot came from his largest, close to the town/neighborhood of Kokose. It is nearly 10 acres in size, and produces approximately 100 bags of coffee annually.

He has been working in coffee for quite a while, and our Catalyst Trade boots-on-the ground processing team is integrally involved throughout the drying process of this coffee as well as the subsequent hulling, and ultimate dry milling steps. "Our team literally keeps eyes on the coffee until it is sealed into the export container and sent off to the port of Djibouti for import to the US."

 12 oz


Sidama Region, Ethiopia


Ethiopian Landrace varieties




2100 masl


We invite you to INSPIRE and be Mindful. Notes of lavender, grapejam, plum, and rasperry.